Tiny Buddha

It’s Time to Stop ‘Fixing’ (Because They Need the Struggle) (Thu, 18 Jul 2024)
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Feeling Lost or Miserable? Your Heart Knows the Way Through (Thu, 18 Jul 2024)
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Good Ancestor Podcast

Ep062: Join us at our new podcast! (Thu, 07 Apr 2022)
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Ep061: 2021 End of Year Bonus Episode - Part 2 (Sun, 19 Dec 2021)
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"When we are able to mobilize our inner resources to face our problems artfully, we find we are usually able to orient ourselves in such a way that we can use the pressure of the problem itself to propel us through it, just as a sailor can position a sail to make the best use of the pressure of the wind to propel a boat. You can't sail straight into the wind, and if you only know how to sail with the wind at your back, you will only go where the wind blows you. But if you know how to use the winds energy and are patient, you can sometimes get where you want to go. You can still be in control."


Excerpt from Full Catastrophe Living

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D.

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